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Ball Roll


Rolli wants to go as far as possible and he needs your help!


Tap and hold to stretch out the stick and to reach the next platform. Rolli will roll down the stick to get on the next platform.


But be careful! If the stretched out stick is too short or too long, Rolli will fall down.


How many platforms can you reach?


Watch the video on on the "Home" page or watch on YouTube:


Temporarily not available at the Apple App Store!


Fun Math


1 Sum | 1,5-3 Seconds | 2 Options - Right or Wrong


Fun Math is for everyone, for young and old, for children and adults, for math beginners and math geniuses.


With Google Play Games features!


Fun Math will drive you crazy.

You have to say whether the calculation is right or wrong but you only have between 1,5 and 3 seconds time to choose the right answer.


Kids can playfully improve their math skills. That easily can be learning math!

Adults can improve their math skills also or simply keep playfully their brain fit with the help of math.


Temporarily not available at the Apple App Store!


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